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Exhibition design

Concept/planning/implementation of three-dimensional illusion incl. social media integration at Swissbau 2016

#ANAMORPH16 at Swissbau 2016, CH-Basel

The interior designers at Bureau Hindermann used the perspective technique anamorphosis to turn an installation at Swissbau into an experience. Visitors to the trade fair were able to 'fasten' themselves to a postcard with a giant paperclip and share the unusual image on social media.


Bureau Hindermann installed a clever anamorphosis on a space in the new "Raumwelten" at Swissbau 2016. The three-dimensional structure comprised specially arranged panels and metal elements suspended from above. Only from a certain perspective did the postcard and paperclip become visible. If a visitor then stood on the exhibition space, it appeared is if they were fastened to the postcard by the paperclip.

Visitors were able to capture the effect of the anamorphosis on their smart phones and share their photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook using the hash tag #ANAMORPH16. The installation was the result of close collaboration with Syma-System AG (event technology), Metall Werk Zürich (metal construction) and iGuzzini (lighting systems).

Interior designers Bureau Hindermann strive every day to turn spaces into unique experiences. Their acute instinct for the smaller, finer details enables them to paint powerful images in the heads of observers. As with the paperclip, an unremarkable everyday object which in the context of the anamorphosis is capable of taking the observer by surprise.

21315_Swissbau 2016_before 21315_Swissbau 2016_after

#ANAMORPH16 at Swissbau 2016, CH-Basel

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