Exhibition design

Companypresentation at Swissbau, Basle

Architoura by Culture at Swissbau 2000, CH-Basel

Architoura is a tour operator offering architectural travel packages wich is a novelty in the Swiss
tourism sector. It first exhibited its range of products and services in 2000.


Bureau Hindermann decided to place an intriguingly lit cube of glass blocks inside the basic, 6m² booth. By setting commercially available building materials such as glass bricks, cables and bitumen matting in a different, unusual context, Bureau Hindermann achieved a stunning and refreshing effect. Closer examination of the light source revealed an image of a tourist group in a faraway land. Thus the first step towards a journey of this kind, namely the initial contact with the tour operator, had been taken. Complexity, curiosity and the joy of discovery in an unconventional setting play an important role not just for the client, but also for Bureau Hindermann.

Bureau Hindermann came up with the slogan for Architoura’s stand in 2000 – "vom Diener zum Herzog” (a reference to key players on the current Swiss architectural scene) – building on this innovative approach in 2001: the slogan “Drink with Aldo Rossi, travel with Architoura” is indicative of the tour operator’s cultural awareness, which also encompasses culinary appreciation.


Architoura by Culture at Swissbau 2000, CH-Basel

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