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Carte Blanche at Designers' Saturday'16, CH-Langenthal

The Carte Blanche exhibition of Designers’ Saturday 2016 in Langenthal was an opportunity for
the interior designers of Zurich-based Bureau Hindermann to show that mass production does
not necessarily have to be part of the equation when it comes to the use of designer products;
Bureau Hindermann's products are designed for specific spaces rather than for market sale.


Their concept for Designers’ Saturday 2016 marries two spatial worlds: it presents products in the context
for which they were designed while at the same time turning the joiner's workshop into a designed space.

The exhibition features fluorescent tape from Japan. A first in Switzerland. These tapes, specifically designed for interior use, create luminous lines in darkened spaces which, seen from a specific vantage point, reconstitute the three surfaces of an anamorphosis. Each of these three surfaces houses something quite unique from Bureau Hindermann: an imposing 5 metre oak tasting table designed for the Staatskellerei Zürich, a suspended lamp with a lampshade made of 24 folded carpenter's rules designed for the offices of a carpenter's workshop, and a camouflage-effect suspended lamp for a photographer's studio in Berne.

The interior designers bring the context of the exhibited products to life using a clever visual trick: looking through the peep box places the actual product into the spatial situation of the customer, thereby embedding the individual designer product into the overall works of the interior designers. Thus it becomes incontrovertible just how strongly the various products influence the overall impression of an interior design project and what their importance is as communication elements.

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Carte Blanche at Designers' Saturday'16, CH-Langenthal

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