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Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of the office space of the carpenter's shop

Schreinerei Welz AG, CH-Trogen

Bureau Hindermann has established a solid basis for the future of Welz, the Appenzell-based carpenter's shop with a long and rich tradition, by redeveloping the company's head office. Since it was founded in 1884, the company has continued to grow and has established itself as a highly capable operation. Its own offices, however, were unable to keep up with the level of growth.


Bureau Hindermann were therefore tasked with analysing the company's business processes and creating a space for clearly defined functional zones. The open-plan space, light-coloured walls and ceilings as well as the ash parquet floor all contribute to a pleasant working environment.

Several bespoke objects also reflect a pride in the carpenter's profession. For instance, visitors are met by wooden silhouettes in a display cabinet. Only at second glance does a mirror reveal the faces of the company's employees. The Welz lamps suspended from the ceiling are also real eyecatchers. The shades are made up of 24 carpenter's rules arranged in a circular formation.

Besides the green accents, which hint at the classic colour of the machinery, the wooden sawhorse supporting the desks in the office and in the meeting room is another reminder of the carpenter's workshop. The meeting room also serves as a materials library. As a little extra detail, the library ladders also feature integrated
folding elements for presenting the materials.

The marriage of these individual elements with a sophisticated room design shows how a distinctive interior design can express the values of a company while also enhancing its reputation.

18313_Welz Trogen_before 18313_Welz Trogen_after

Schreinerei Welz AG, CH-Trogen

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Entrance to the offices of joiner's Welz AG
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Visitors are personally welcomed here and immediately struck by the "plli_able" carpenter's rule lamp
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Generous work spaces bathed in daylight
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The service cube divides the planning and production planning departments
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The door to the meeting room...
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... opens magically because of its special hinges ...
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... and when open forms the doorjamb
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The meeting room also serves as a materials library
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The sliding wall element can be used to display material samples
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The "pli_able" suspended lamp made of 24 carpenter's rules
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The folding chairs can be hung in the doorway, a practical storage solution
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A sneak peek into the meeting room from outside