Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of office space.

Ciba Vision AG 2001, CH-Embrach

Ciba Vision, part of the Novartis Group, is a global company with around 6,000 employees. Its primary business is the manufacture of contact lenses, eye-care products and clinical ophthalmic products. Sales and Marketing are based at the new headquarters in Embrach.


The aim of the project in the new Ciba Vision AG headquarters in Embrach was to incorporate office space with a corporate identity for around 70 employees into two empty warehouses. The construction project was based on an analysis of the company’s needs and requirements. The unifying theme of the whole design is the contrast between exterior and interior as well as the application of light and colour.

The distinction of different areas is elegantly made through the subtle use of materials and contrasting colour schemes. The design also combines restored Biedermeier furniture with office furniture systems and bespoke pieces. Visitors to Ciba-Vision will find a highly functional spatial concept married to an unconventional and, from the outside, totally unexpected environment.

00300_CibaVision_before 00300_CibaVision_after

Ciba Vision AG 2001, CH-Embrach

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