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Product design

Products for the office space of Lienhard Office Group (2009), CH-Nänikon

"co_quette" wall light and "fron_daison" lampshade structure

The "co_quette" wall light was designed for the meeting room of the Lienhard Office Group, a Swiss office equipment company, and is a beacon of inspiration during the industry of the working day.


The lamp consists of a pliable chrome steel plate shaped like a hand mirror. A semi-mirrored light bulb with porcelain fitting and white fabric cable is fixed to the flat base.

The organic "fron_daison" lighting cascades from the ceiling in the shape of falling leaves. The lampshades are made up of conjoined chrome steel pentagons which are red flocked on one side and which can be bent into any shape. The ornamental cascades are held together by a simple porcelain holder.

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"co_quette" wall light and "fron_daison" lampshade structure

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