Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of the recreation area of the bank – Awards: Best architects '11 , AIT-iraa-Award, INSIDE-Award

Credit Suisse AG, CH-Zurich

A recreation room is a multi-functional area; somewhere to sip coffee and have a chat, to retreat and switch off. Commissioned by Credit Suisse, Bureau Hindermann has given a recreation room a makeover so that the area fulfils all of these functions and better use is made of the space.


Credit Suisse employs the best part of a thousand people in Sihlcity. All staff have access to a 350 m2 re-creational area on the top floor and yet the room was seldom used in the past: thanks to low ceilings and poor lighting, the space was dark and impersonal.
The answer? They called in Bureau Hindermann to work their interior design magic. The unattended cafeteria and three vending machines were worked into the concept. Based on a usage analysis, the interior designers divided the space into three zones. And made proposals as to how to make it attractive. At the heart of the concept lies the OMEGA Arena, where three table soccer tables await football-crazy teams.
Bureau Hindermann has come up with a unique idea for launching the Arena. First, Panini soccer cards from the 2010 World Cup will be collected and swapped, cut out and stuck on specially designed figures. The interchangeable bars will be mounted on the wall. Once all 32 teams are in place, the tournament can begin.

Anyone who doesn't want to play can take a seat on one of the five Bureau Hindermann-designed picnic benches. A light-coloured carpet is used to zone off the two lounge areas and a meeting area. Half-height walls of unfinished plywood enclose the two lounges, providing a space in which to retreat.
Better inter-company communication through well thought-out design: once again Bureau Hindermann has come up with a concept that creates just such an environment. Not only does the table football provide entertainment during the breaks, it also encourages team building and reflects that which Credit Suisse, as main sponsor of the Swiss national eleven, stands for.

13009_Pausenzone_before 13009_Pausenzone_after

Credit Suisse AG, CH-Zurich

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