Exhibition design

Concept/planning/implementation of D5 exhibition on Designers' Saturday '06

Denz AG at Designers' Saturday '06, CH-Langenthal

On Designers' Saturday 2006, carpet manufacturers Ruckstuhl played host to furniture makers Denz. Bureau Hindermann showcased one single product in the 600m² despatch warehouse, the D5 shelving system from Greutmann/Bolzern.


The visual simplicity of the shelf, its open structure, its extensibility and the ability to dress the shelf along its length were illustrated in different ways. To do this, Bureau Hindermann took a simple, everyday product with positive connotations: jam. Because, as the exhibition implies, "la vie est dure, sans confiture" (life's hard without jam). And if you weren't convinced of this piece of wisdom by the time you reached the half-way point of the exhibition, then maybe the pastries especially created for Denz and filled, of course, with jam might just change your mind. Bureau Hindermann divided the exhibition into three zones: exhibition area, lounge and information. The exhibition area served primarily to illustrate the open structure and
optical simplicity of the diagonally stacked shelves, while the lounge showcased the versatility and variability of the shelf: as a panelled counter or coffee table. The exhibition area discreetly took a back seat when it came to the product information, leading the visitor through the last part of the exhibition with a band of light integrated into packing boxes.


Denz AG at Designers' Saturday '06, CH-Langenthal

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