Exhibition design

Concept/planning/implementation of an exhibition at Designers' Saturday '08

Denz AG at Designers' Saturday '08, CH-Langenthal

Every two years, Langenthal plays host to Designer’s Saturday. Leading companies open the doors to the world of design, uniquely showcasing their products. In recent years, the event has become something of a meeting point for the industry. Bureau Hindermann and Pikka Kommunikationsdesign have taken a witty and self-critical approach to the presentation of furniture makers Denz, focusing wholeheartedly on the visitor. He is the star of the event.


A doorman, the popping of flashbulbs and anonymous socialites lend a touch of premiere and opening night glamour to the event. The product - modular furniture D3 - is at the centre of the room, although not physically present - instead, a rotating image is projected by 27 individual overhead projectors. The overhead projectors are not just auxiliary equipment, but because of their two-legged frame they also mimic the socialites and are therefore a key part of the exhibit. The projector, with its head-like reflector, forms the upper body, while the anatomy-like stand forms the legs. The overhead projector is a piece of office equipment which, because it is instantly recognisable, is meant to evoke emotions from the visitors. A likeable relic from the time of analogue technology. When the visitors leave, they do not go empty-handed: they take with them a pen, which they use to sign their autograph on one of the special overhead projector transparencies.


Denz AG at Designers' Saturday '08, CH-Langenthal

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