Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of the Denz/se'lux Forum – Awards: D&AD-Award, Holz21-Award

Denz AG, CH-Gümligen/Bern

Denz AG is one of Switzerland‘s foremost office furniture manufacturers. During an initiative to reposition the company within the industry, Bureau Hindermann was commissioned to design a showroom which would firstly provide a platform for specialist traders and a workspace for Denz and Se’lux (lighting design) employees and, secondly, would be a centre of attraction for events.


The Team of Bureau Hindermann wanted the design of the showroom not only to do justice to the firm‘s new corporate image, but also to take an unconventional approach to combining diverse elements such as glamour and comfort. The rooms begin with a presentation of new products against the backdrop of a sparkling sequined wall. The „parlour“, a simple cube in the centre of the room and decked with rough-cut Swiss stone pine, represents the other side of the coin, emanating an earthy cosiness. Between these two fixed points, the remaining space for work areas and product range presentations can be flexibly divided. The conference room, whose walls are painted a blue of the Le Corbusier colour palette and covered with a white, translucent textile curtain, is both a sophisticated stage for the lighting design company and an introverted ornament. Bureau Hindermann is playing with opposites, the element of surprise, but mostly with authenticity and emotionality. A showroom such as this is not only the stage for consultation, but is also where the seeds of loyal customer relations are sown.

06205_Denz_Gümligen_before 06205_Denz_Gümligen_after

Denz AG, CH-Gümligen/Bern

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