Exhibition design

Concept/planning/implementation of the exhibition "dieForm"

reddot design award 2013 – iF DESIGN AWARD 2014, Kategorie Innenarchitektur – A'Design Award 2014

Design exhibition "dieForm" at stilhaus, CH-Rothrist

For the design exhibition at the stilhaus, Bureau Hindermann has combined the wonderful world of the oriental bazaar with modern design and innovative technologies. With the result that there
is a gratifying absence of ankle-biting sales people.


The stilhaus in Rothrist is not only a showcase for familiar brands, it is also a platform for small enterprises wishing to display their well designed products. On the ground floor of the permanent exhibition, around 600 objects from 70 exhibitors are on show. Products range from furniture, lighting and accessories to three-
wheelers and snow blowers. Based on a well thought-out concept and a clear layout, Bureau Hindermann has managed to prevent dieForm from degenerating into a trade exhibition.

There are no corporate videos or celebrities vying for attention. There are no glaring neon signs, no scantily clad hostesses and no pushy salesmen. Emerging from an underlit background, illuminated products take pride of place on uniformly designed podiums. But rather than creating an atmosphere of solitude and emptiness, they have immense appeal. They don't want to be looked for by the visitors, they want to be discovered. Additional information about each product can be found on multimedia displays or via QR code in the virtual showroom (app and website), where the products can also be ordered on the spot.

The striped thoroughfare leads visitors from one stand to the next. The way is lit by individually designed lamps made from corrugated acrylic glass. Mobile partitions serve as dividers. These are unique creations of flocked trapezoidal sheeting and painted struts, reminiscent of freight containers or construction sites. Not
only do the struts make it easier to shift the partitions, they also provide the power supply. The struts are connected to the suspended lighting rig, cleverly providing each stand with power.

16412_dieForm_before 16412_dieForm_after

Design exhibition "dieForm" at stilhaus, CH-Rothrist

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