Exhibition design

Concept/planning/implementation of the appearance at Designers' Saturday '14 in Langenthal

Xaver Award 2015 – best expo project –

Dieter M. Ulbrich with Vescom at Designers' Saturday '14, CH- Langenthal

Bureau Hindermann's innovative staging of Dieter M. Ulbrich's modern wallpapers attracted considerable attention at Designers’ Saturday 2014 in Langenthal.


Dieter M. Ulbrich is regarded as a wallpaper aficionado in Switzerland. He is not only a distributor, but as a developer he is also pioneering the renaissance of this type of wall covering. But how do you go about effectively showcasing wallpaper at a design event without wallpapering entire rooms?

Bureau Hindermann adopted the same technique used in children's pop-up books, developing an oversized wallpaper book. It displays part of the collection in the form of four life-size rooms. The interactive element allows two people wearing white gloves to continually turn the huge pages to reveal each of the four different scenes, which depict real-life scenarios: modern wallpaper in the office, a hotel reception, an operating theatre and a private home.

Bureau Hindermann's design concept for Dieter M. Ulbrich with Vescom shows that traditional ideas can be adapted to arouse significant curiosity among the public.

Designers' Saturday is a major design event in Langenthal. It takes place every two years at the production sites of local companies. In contrast to trade shows, brands and projects are showcased unconventionally by means of creative installations rather than traditional stands.

19314_Ulbrich-DS14_before 19314_Ulbrich-DS14_after

Dieter M. Ulbrich with Vescom at Designers' Saturday '14, CH- Langenthal

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A range of material samples shows the different effects of the print and the possibilities to customise
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The oversized wallpaper book at the end of the corridor shows the different ways wallpapers can be used
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Non-fading - in the workplace
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Natural – at home
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Teatime, cardboard teapot in 1:1 scale
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Sterile – in hospitals
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Two people flipping through the scenarios
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Flame-retardant – in hotels
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Hotel reception with pop-up bell
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The open wallpaper book
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The collection: "Wallpapers from which rooms are made - rooms made of wallpapers"