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Products for a private house, CH-Grüt

dining table "ban_quette" & suspended lamps "fa_cette"


The "ban_quette" dining table is 4.5m long, made from fumed oak, and fixed directly to the floor. Striking design elements include its protruding ends and the inlaid brass strip down the centre of the table. This is metal-backed, which means it can be mounted with magnetic adaptors.
The "fa_cette" suspended lamps echo the material of the table centre with their rounded brass rondelles while also creating a superb light effect on the brass strip itself. The lights come in two sizes, both with the same drop. They can also be inlaid with a faceted mirror.

30720_P Privathaus Gruet_before 30720_P Privathaus Gruet_after

dining table "ban_quette" & suspended lamps "fa_cette"

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