Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of furnishings in degustation and presentation rooms

Esterházy Winery, A-Trausdorf

Schlossweingut Esterhàzy, a winery rich in tradition, had a state-of-the-art winery constructed in Trausdorf, near Eisenstadt, in 2005/06. Bureau Hindermann's concept for furnishing the sales and presentation room was based on combining the winery's tradition with cutting-edge vinifi-cation technology to give the space an atmospherically compact and modern appearance.


The practical style - clear shapes and accentuated colours - takes into account the technical aspect of the new location. The location forms the creative basis, which is refined and developed by the interior design. For example, the two wine tasting counters are positioned to allow guests to see both the barrel room - the heart of the new winery - as well as the exterior. The counters are topped with polished white glass chips - just perfect for examining the wine. The wording around the counters is taken from the oenologist's vocabulary. The value of the individual pieces of furniture is therefore deliberately increased in terms of content. These are spatial objects which have been specifically designed for this location and which allude to the culture of wine production through their formal and colour accents.

07306_Esterhazy_before 07306_Esterhazy_after

Esterházy Winery, A-Trausdorf

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