Exhibition design

Concept/planning/implementation of the temporary exhibition "Das Wetter. Sonne, Blitz und Wolkenbruch"

Forum of Swiss History – "Das Wetter. Sonne, Blitz und Wolkenbruch", CH-Schwyz

At the temporary exhibition "Das Wetter. Sonne, Blitz und Wolkenbruch" showing at the Forum of Swiss History, Bureau Hindermann takes a light-hearted look at how the weather works and how it dominates our day.


The exhibition designed by Bureau Hindermann starts precisely where weather happens: outside in front of the museum. Red deck chairs first invite visitors to sit down, stare at the sky and observe the current weather. Entering the building, visitors then arrive at a coat rack with bright yellow raincoats. They are a playful reminder that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. From here, yellow rubber boots guide the visitor through the entire exhibition. The graphic design was a collaboration with Pikka Kommunikationsdesign and David Clavadetscher.

The first gallery deals with weather observation. Visitors can sit on an oversized classic red bench and watch meteorological phenomena on a large screen. Little weather gods can turn a crank handle to move weather phenomena across a landscape depicted on the light box. Large-scale interactive models explain typical weather conditions such as the west wind.

The subject of the second gallery is weather forecasting. The designers exemplify modern meteorology with a control centre in the second gallery. Satellite and radar images dominate, in contrast to historic measuring instruments. After the digital weather kitchen, visitors finally pass through a poetic installation, which is both a cloud and a clothes line, to the analogue laundry, which also offers space for workshops.

Using strongly visual elements, Bureau Hindermann manages to portray the complexities of weather in such a way that the exhibition is capable of impressing both meteorological experts as well as the general public.

19914_Wetter_before 19914_Wetter_after

Forum of Swiss History – "Das Wetter. Sonne, Blitz und Wolkenbruch", CH-Schwyz

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The cloakroom as a symbol for the weather and prologue to the exhibition
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Room dedicated to "Observation"
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The prevailing westerlies: the interactive installation allows the developing thunderstorm to be moved across the landscape
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Forecasting Switzerland's major weather patterns using analogue charts
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Historic exhibits on the wall and under protective glass cases
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Bringing the weather from outdoors indoors
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Sitting on the oversized bench visitors feel small again and can watch the impressive projections of meteorological phenomena on a large screen
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Yellow rubber boots guide the visitor through the entire exhibition
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Room dedicated to "Forecasting"
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Analogue measuring instruments versus the latest computer-based data models
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The cloud made of fabric panels hanging from clotheslines wraps up the exhibition
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The interior of the cloud is dedicated to education in the form of literature and workshops that take place here