Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of an office- and conference room in a photographic studio

Fotoatelier Reto Andreoli, CH-Bern

Bureau Hindermann has managed to bring the outside world into the photographic studio as part of the renovation of a space measuring just a few square metres. The photographer is able both to work and to present his work in the confined space.


Glancing through the window attention is drawn to the mural covering an entire wall: it depicts a night scene in Mexico City. Which is fitting for a photographic studio which has been opened up with a few very precise changes which breathe new life into the space. There is space for the photographer's computer workstation, a conference table and enough room for studio shots.

The idea was to make better use of what used to be a storage room. The first step involved Bureau
Hindermann defining the structure of the 30 m2 space. The studio is accessed via a small corridor, which houses a cloakroom and storage space for the photographer. A work zone with storage space is adjacent to the window and the door to the outside, which in order to accommodate access via the corridor has been closed. The longitudinal axis of the main space accommodates a conference table. It has space for four people and stands in front of the eye-catching mural. And only on second glance do you become aware that the Falba_la lamp which illuminates the table is hanging in front of the mural. Because its fabric lamp shade is printed with the same photographic motif, making it vanish into the picture. The mural makes the space larger and in the evening is lit up like a large billboard through the window. It is illuminated by track lighting, which in conjunction with the suspended lamp and office lighting at the workstation provides a finely adjustable mixed light. An alcove at the front side, which is separated from the main space by a semicircular arch, houses a kitchenette. The front side is covered with metallic, grey coloured wallpaper, where the photographer can affix illustrations easily. Adjustable spotlights cast just the right light on whatever photos are hanging.

14610_Andreoli_before 14610_Andreoli_after

Fotoatelier Reto Andreoli, CH-Bern

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