Exhibition design

Concept/planning/realisation of the exhibition at the stilhaus

Geberit at the stilhaus, CH-Rothrist

At the stilhaus, Geberit is focusing its attention for the first time on the end customer. Bureau Hindermann has cleverly and unconventionally showcased the company's latest products with a stylish test facility for its toilet with shower function.


There are over 130 companies at the stilhaus vying for the public's attention. To make sure that Geberit leave an indelible impression with potential customers, Bureau Hindermann has come up with a unique concept. The idea is not to project the ideal home but instead to showcase real, tangible products. Instead of large multimedia projections, two mechanical prism billboards rotate to depict a 'before and after' scene – before and after the installation of Geberit products. The exhibit is enclosed at the side and the rear by a long shower curtain. For once the curtains are not there to conceal anything from view, instead focusing attention on the objects of desire. The interior designers make a humorous reference to toilet paper: because it no longer has any place in the world of the modern shower toilet, hanging toilet rolls are simply used to describe the individual products.

Bureau Hindermann then introduces visitors to Geberit products in the building's public toilet, which has been transformed into a stylish test facility for the shower toilet. Entering the toilet, visitors are greeted by a voice and invited to quietly try out the shower toilet. Who wouldn't want to sit there awhile? The designers have also used playful elements here: if the toilet is vacant, the door remains invitingly open, and if occupied, the head of the classic male/female figure outside the door is lit up in red. And echoing the toilet paper's nod to the past, the old flush handle serves as a suspended lamp.

17312_Geberit_stilh_before 17312_Geberit_stilh_after

Geberit at the stilhaus, CH-Rothrist

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