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Exhibition design

Concept/planning/implementation of of the appearance at "neue räume '19" in Zurich

Geberit at "neue räume '19" Zurich

"And where's the siphon?" This is the question at the heart of Geberit's appearance at the "neue räume 2019" exhibition. Bureau Hindermann has taken a multimedia approach to provide the answer: their installation combines new presentation techniques with analog poetry.


From a distance a large question mark glows, comprising a series of illuminated washstands against a backdrop of dark wallpaper: here the market leader in sanitary products presents its new "Geberit ONE" solution to the Swiss public for the first time. The new product line combines know-how in sanitary technology with design expertise to create a fully integrated and comprehensive bathroom solution. The integration of numerous components into the wall creates a visually minimalist design. Hence the key question from Bureau Hindermann: And where's the siphon?

The designers provide the answer using a multimedia approach—and with their characteristic irony. The cornerstone is a sophisticated installation of a mirrored cabinet and washstand: slanted mirrors create an optical carousel, and an LED rotor conjures up a 3D animation in front of the open mirrored cabinet. The aim of the installation: to illustrate the advantages of Geberit ONE while captivating both specialists and end customers.

Bureau Hindermann is responsible for the entire concept, from the design and the storyboard through to media planning. Project partner Screenpro handled the multimedia side. With their installation, the designers have succeeded in presenting the advantages of Geberit ONE in a way that is sure to elicit a lingering smile from the exhibition visitors.

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Geberit at "neue räume '19" Zurich

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