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Exhibition design

Concept/planning/implementation for classroom at Lausanne location

Geberit Distribution SA – Training rooms at GIC, CH-Lausanne

Following two successful years of teaching in the new training rooms at the Geberit information centre in Jona, the classroom in Lausanne has now also been given a facelift. Sanitary experts can now be trained in the installation of Geberit systems in a modern and attractive environment.


The concept which Bureau Hindermann originally came up with has proven a success in Jona, prompting the decision to implement the same design in Lausanne. The "ro_tatif" display unit specifically developed for the training rooms in Jona and the "cir_culation" chandelier made from 36 Geberit PE pipes are again used in this design.

The classroom at the information centre in Lausanne is smaller than the two rooms in Jona. The large workbench remains the centrepiece of the room, however. It is positioned below a suspended ceiling element that lends the room height and optimises the space. There is a new element in the form of an elevated platform at one end of the room. The platform is hidden discretely behind wooden panelling that extends into the rest of the room. It is accessed via a clever staircase construction; the bottom steps can be stowed away and pulled out again whenever they are needed.

Because the classrooms are identical, the content of the lessons remains consistent across each location and Geberit trainers can deliver an interactive learning experience.

Geberit and Bureau Hindermann have been working together for over ten years. The interior designers have managed projects for Geberit which include the entrance area at the company headquarters, an exhibition as well as the cafeteria at the information centre.

24917_Geberit Lausanne Praxisraum_before 24917_Geberit Lausanne Praxisraum_after

Geberit Distribution SA – Training rooms at GIC, CH-Lausanne

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