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Geberit Vertriebs AG – Cafeteria at GIC, CH-Jona

Bureau Hindermann have used open spaces, fresh colours and playful elements based on sanitary installation systems to breathe new life into the cafeteria at the Geberit information centre.


Previously, the cafeteria at the Geberit information centre had all the charm of an industrial canteen and was anything but a convivial space conducive to eating, drinking and chatting. Bureau Hindermann's redesign has fundamentally changed all that, without betraying the original 90s architecture. The open space now invites visitors to engage in dialogue.

The interior designers have made a shelf for drinking water the central element in the new cafeteria. The pipes of the Geberit “PushFit” supply system playfully form the word "TRINK" (drink). It is a nod to the preciousness of drinking water and is an unusual way to showcase a strong product.

Bureau Hindermann have also made deliberate use of Geberit products for the cafeteria lighting; bright orange Geberit “Mapress” pipes help to provide eye-catching accent lighting. On the ends of the pipes are mirror head bulbs that reflect indirect light into the room. And as wall lights with suitable fittings and pipe extensions they are a work of art.

In this way familiar products are used to form individual elements which strengthen and visualise the connection to the company. The project also includes objects individually developed by Bureau Hindermann, such as the two buffets, the dining and bar tables and the return station for dishes.

23617_Geberit Cafeteria_before 23617_Geberit Cafeteria_after

Geberit Vertriebs AG – Cafeteria at GIC, CH-Jona

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Entrance to cafeteria with drinking water shelf, coffee station and buffet for hot dishes
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The cafeteria has seating for 64 and limited standing room
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Drinking water shelf with fresh water dispensed through the pipes of the Geberit PushFit supply system
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The "tabou_ret" tables made from solid oak
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The "chez_berit" salt and pepper mill made from Geberit "Mapress" pipes
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Geberit information centre (GIZ) with Geberit HQ in the background