Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of the visitors' toilets at the Geberit information centre.

Geberit Vertriebs AG, Guest Toilets at GIC, CH-Jona

The visitors' toilets at the Geberit information centre in Jona are an excellent example of how to take an everyday necessity and create an ambience using colour, light and precise accents. The toilets are spaces people talk about because their design, comfort and touch of humour make a positive impression.


Because the toilets are located on separate floors, it has been possible to give each facility its own, gender-specific identity. Bureau Hindermann had used popular form and colour attributes such as round and pink for girls, angular and blue for boys. The ladies has been visually rounded using angled mirrors, whereas the gents has been given a central and strikingly cubic look using corner mirrors. The differences between men and women and the associated clichés are brought to life in the individual cubicles by artist Martina Nievergelt. “Do only girls see life through rose-coloured spectacles ?" is written in the men's, while “Are boys born with the blues?“ appears in the ladies. Women's clothing in pink hangs in the gents, while light-blue men's clothing appears in the ladies. High-grade shower toilets and contact-free automated systems ensure the highest levels of hygiene.

10308_GeberitGIZ_before 10308_GeberitGIZ_after

Geberit Vertriebs AG, Guest Toilets at GIC, CH-Jona

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