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Exhibition design

Concept/planning/implementation of of the teaser stand at Swissbau 2020 in Basel

Geberit Vertriebs AG teaser stand at Swissbau 2020 Basel

Geberit, the European market leader in sanitary products, is aiming to appeal more and more to architects and end customers. Presently this is evident in its new solution Geberit ONE, which creates space behind the wall in order to make more space in front of it. At Swissbau, the challenge was how to attract the new target groups from the main hall to the technology hall, where Geberit is showcasing all of its product ranges on its 800 m2 main stand. Bureau Hindermann's solution was a teaser stand situated at the main traffic axis between the main and adjacent halls—on an area measuring just 10 m2. The surprising installation made its debut at the "neue räume 2019" exhibition.


Visitors to the main hall are greeted by a 5m high cube emblazoned with a large question mark. It is made up of several illuminated wash basins and asks the question: "And where's the siphon?" Bureau Hindermann's stand, accommodated in a very minimal space, arouses curiosity for the fully integrated bathroom solution Geberit ONE, which is presented on the main stand.

Bureau Hindermann provides the answer through a multimedia installation comprising a mirrored cabinet and washstand. Slanted mirrors create an optical carousel, and an LED rotor conjures up a 3D animation in front of the open cabinet. The teaser thus manages to draw the attention of potential end customers to Geberit ONE and to lead them to the main stand, where they are greeted by the same main protagonist in another multimedia installation.

Bureau Hindermann was responsible for the entire concept, from the design and the storyboard through to media planning; project partner Screenpro handled the multimedia side. With the installation, which combines digital media with analog poetry, the designers successfully present the advantages of Geberit ONE in a surprising and humorous way.

28219_Geberit Swissbau_before 28219_Geberit Swissbau_after

Geberit Vertriebs AG teaser stand at Swissbau 2020 Basel

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