Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of the premises with showroom

iF DESIGN AWARD 2008, Discipline Interior Architecture – DDC Gute Gestaltung 2008

Gräub Office AG, CH-Zurich

With new sponsorship, office furniture dealers Gräub, hitherto located in Zürich-Enge, have opened their new premises as Gräub Office in Hardturmstrasse in the city's 5th district. The 500m² office space has workstations and meeting rooms for eight employees, a showroom, kitchen as well as an archive and storage space.


The idea behind Bureau Hindermann's design was to link the central showroom and workspace elements. In the work area, the use of materials and light lends the space an almost homelike atmosphere. The colossal flowerpot containing a rubber plant is not only a wry reminder of what was once the most popular houseplant, but is primarily designed to attract the attention of the clientele. The aim of the design concept for Gräub Office was - over and above purely functional elements such as customer visits, large display areas, atmospheric workstations and flexible usage options - to project strong, distinctive images and impressions that customers would continue to associate with Gräub Office. This has been achieved through the display window with office lighting, the oversized indoor plant and the wall with 25,000 pencil erasers.

08806_Gräuboffice_before 08806_Gräuboffice_after

Gräub Office AG, CH-Zurich

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