Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of glass façade and entrance hall in main building - Award: INNO2009 Award

Headquarter of Geberit AG, CH-Jona

The Geberit Group, both an European and a global leader in the sanitary technology arena, wanted to upgrade and modernise its reception area and foyer as well as the entire ground floor of its headquarters in Jona.


In order to give clear definition to the ground floor, the new glass façade was placed in front of the existing pillars. By moving the main entrance from the side of the building to the front and redesigning the porch, the entrance area is clearly defined and the building is given clear purpose, now welcoming its visitors architecturally.

The new forecourt on the face side of the building unites interior and exterior. The spaciousness of the interior should be striking without being overwhelming. Colour, light and acoustic measures have been used to create a pleasant ambiance.

In the anteroom to the conference rooms and toilets, which have been exclusively designed, red lighting contributes to the atmosphere. Allusions and concealed quotations, disguised as aesthetic eye-catchers, are discretely placed throughout the ground floor. The chain curtain, handles, slitted acoustic wall or the diverse lighting are worth investigating.

05004_Geberit_before 05004_Geberit_after

Headquarter of Geberit AG, CH-Jona

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