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Import Parfumerie, Switzerland

In the newly refurbished stores of Switzerland's largest perfumery chain it is no longer the spe- cial offers or signs for discounted products that are attracting attention, but the actual range of products on offer, their colours and scents. Bureau Hindermann has managed to use clever ways of showing that elegance is not a question of money.


Bucking the trend for big white spaces, Bureau Hindermann has consciously opted for graceful black shelving, unclad ceilings and dark ooring for the new-look Import Parfumerie. It's a design which places the emphasis on the perfumes and cosmetic products rather than on the space and its xtures and ttings.
The centrepiece of the store is an original make-up shelving system. Reminiscent of the neon signs of movie theatres or the typical make-up mirrors found backstage, it showcases the products which female customers can use to prepare for those big stage appearances of their own. The black and white portraits which hang above the shelves could also come from the movie world. But these aren't the faces of Hollywood stars, they are attractive men and women whom you might see on the street every day.

The previous shelving used for special offers and the discount signs have disappeared, to be replaced by small, illuminated perfume bottle platforms which are positioned at various points across the shelving. They are simp- le and yet eye-catching. They are also xed magnetically, like the containers holding the fragrance tester strips, so they can be easily repositioned at any time without the use of special tools.

Starting in April 2012, all 120 Import Parfumerie stores are gradually being refurbished and re tted in the new Bureau Hindermann design. The design is compatible with any store layout, size or store front display: simple, elegant and exceptionally exible.

14711_Impo_before 14711_Impo_after

Import Parfumerie, Switzerland

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Clearly defined product ranges and cash desk
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The dark backdrop allows products and product packaging to be presented in the best light
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Illuminated promotional platforms attract attention and allow perfume testers to be displayed