Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of the office space of the online job portal

Jobs.ch AG, CH-Zürich

In 2001 Bureau Hindermann converted a hospital in Zurich into offices for Jobindex Media AG. The premises were recently taken over by Swiss online job portal Jobs.ch. The change and the need for more workspace saw the attic space converted into closed office units, a meeting room and social areas.


To cope with the increase in the number of staff, there was a need for larger recreation rooms. Bureau Hindermann opted to build a spacious cafeteria which could also be used as a meeting room. A free-standing island serves as a worktop for the caterer, who looks after the staff's culinary needs during the week.

To emphasise the room's two different functions, Bureau Hindermann developed the convertible "lu_dion" lights: During mealtimes the lights hang down to form pumpkin-shaped suspended lamps which lend structure to the room and which, in conjunction with the oak parquet flooring, give the space a homely atmosphere. If the space is used for a meeting or presentation, the lights are retracted using ropes and pulleys until they are flush against the ceiling, thereby creating an entirely different atmosphere. The dining tables can be stored behind curtains. Cords made of finely knitted cotton cord from the undershirt industry ensure the maximum elasticity of the lamp shade. These are draped over a flexible structure which stretches the shade. These undershirt-wearing lights can be dimmed to create different atmospheres. Another source of light shines brightly in the small neighbouring meeting room, where different sized glass globes appear to grow like mushrooms from the ceiling, spreading across the sound-absorbing walls, the organic structure providing a contrast to the illuminated globes.

11608_Jobs.ch_before 11608_Jobs.ch_after

Jobs.ch AG, CH-Zürich

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Waiting area in reception
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Meeting room with wall/ceiling installation
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At lunchtime the hotplates are placed here
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Lampshades of two different knitted fabrics for undershirts
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Break room with suspended "lu_dion" lamps
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Presentation room with raised "lu_dion" lamps and tables folded away