Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of a sandwich shop – Award: contractworld award 2006

Menüfoif Iklämmti zum mitneh, CH-Zurich

Redesigning the “Gourmetinseli” sandwich bar involved coming up with a new and at the same time convincing image based on a simple approach. The idea was to focus the design on the very heart and soul of the shop, to emphasise its “grassroots” as a genuine sign of quality.


This sets it apart from other take-aways. Its rebirth as “Menü foif” ranges from the design of the shop right through to the graphic elements and product range itself. Rather than whetting the customer’s appetite through the previous name, “Gourmetinseli”, giving the snack bar a new name and slogan – “Iklämmti zum Mitneh” (sandwiches to go) – sends out clear signals that this is a serious establishment.

By contrast, the interior is somewhat unconventional. The colour scheme is totally unlike that of popular designs. The crimson back wall leaps out from the khaki. Brown trays, reminiscent of self-service bars, form a central feature designed to optically reduce the ceiling height. The trumpet lights, of Bureau Hindermann`s own design, which are suspended from the strip of trays, give the room an additional, second dimension. The third divisional element is the wall curtain comprising 800 interlinked dessert spoons.

02002_MenüFoif_before 02002_MenüFoif_after

Menüfoif Iklämmti zum mitneh, CH-Zurich

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