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Interior architecture

Operational and design concept for 35 branches of the Neue Aargauer Bank

Neue Aargauer Bank AG – Corporate Interior, CH-Canton of Aargau

In an era of global nancial markets and fast bank transactions by mouse click, the Neue Aargauer Bank prefers to rely on its true strength: personal service in the region. In redesigning the branches, Bureau Hindermann has tried to adhere to the concept by creating a modern and pleasant environment for the bank's customers.


Starting with the entrance. The entrances to the branches have been made more spacious and use transparent glass elements. For the interiors there are – tailored to the individual size of each branch – three variations. The design is based on an operational concept where the Bureau Hindermann team looked into how people get their bearings in a branch.

Staff at the largest branches now welcome customers personally at a front desk. In the centre of the room, not hidden behind bulletproof glass or surrounded by computer screens. The oor is made from high-quality Frick Valley oak, symbolising close ties with the region. The new meeting room makes customers feel right at home. It is designed to be as cosy as a living room.

The vaults are real showpieces. They are decorated in cool blue and illuminated by a modern take on the chandelier. Mirrors have been used to create an optical illusion. Two mirrors to the left and right create the illusion of an eternal perspective, making the wall of safety deposit boxes and also table area in the alcove in the private booth appear to go on forever. Any customer taking their diamonds out of the safe will therefore see them stretch into eternity: an undoubtedly sparkling experience.

14010_NAB CI/CA_before 14010_NAB CI/CA_after

Neue Aargauer Bank AG – Corporate Interior, CH-Canton of Aargau

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POS wall elements for modular use and that can be installed separately
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NAB front desk as clear reception in the customer lobby
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"Stäblirechner" light installation in Rheinfelden as homage to the Cuisenaire rods and early experiences of mathematics
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Waiting area with textile room dividers and "RHommage" armchair
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NAB brochure display with interactive brochure lighting
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Meeting rooms labelled with local field names
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NAB CI lamp continues the theme into the customer areas
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Customer consultation room: explanation of field names on the inside of the door
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The NAB safe with safety deposit boxes disappearing into apparent infinity
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The NAB private booths in the safe offers a unique mirror-illusion experience
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The "trés_or" chandelier as a showpiece and highlight of the NAB CI lighting in the safety deposit area
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When interior architecture filters through to the outside: exterior lighting element
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In 2012, a branch of NAB in Rheinfelden was the first to be redesigned under the CI/CA concept
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For smaller advisory branches a concept with closable, integrated NAB front desk (2011) was developed
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The integrated front desk in open configuration
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In 2016 the MyNAB Shop at the Shoppi Tivoli shopping centre in Spreitenbach was the newest type of branch to be developed and implemented