Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation MyNAB-Shop at Shoppi Tivoli – Award: IF-Award

iF DESIGN AWARD 2018, Discipline Interior Architecture

Neue Aargauer Bank AG – MyNAB-Shop, CH-Spreitenbach

Bureau Hindermann's design and implementation of the first MyNAB-Shop ushers in a new era for the Neue Aargauer Bank. A giant multimedia video wall smartly combines real-life products with the digital world.


The MyNAB-Shop at the Shoppi Tivoli shopping centre fuses traditional, personal financial consulting with modern technologies. On entering the branch, customers are guided by soft, motion-activated pulses of light from the OLED wall towards the multimedia video wall and the promotional area to the rear of the shop. The OLED technology used here was developed as part of a CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation) research project in collaboration with the company iart, who are also responsible for the rest of the multimedia content.

Venturing further inside, the waiting area houses a giant multimedia video wall. It showcases products from the "MyNAB-Prämienwelt" (rewards scheme) in both analogue and digital form. Current bonus offers from the shop are also presented and actively promoted in the promotional area. The multimedia elements are complemented by an understated lounge, which provides a more informal setting for talks and consultations with customers. The furnishings are bespoke.

And anyone stepping through the narrow passageway to where the customer consultation rooms are located is reflected in a never-ending corridor of mirrors. The angled mirror creates a very unique visual effect as the corridor forks off in another direction.

Bureau Hindermann are responsible for the entire Corporate Architecture of NAB. In recent years the interior designers have designed and implemented four types of branch for the largest Swiss regional bank.

21115_MyNAB-Shop_before 21115_MyNAB-Shop_after

Neue Aargauer Bank AG – MyNAB-Shop, CH-Spreitenbach

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