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Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of the regional branch

Neue Aargauer Bank AG, Regional branch, CH-Baden

The redesign of the branches of the Neue Aargauer Bank (NAB) continues. The regional office in Baden originally had a typically 1970s style, and the idea behind the concept was to incorporate that into the new design.


Bureau Hindermann are responsible for the entire Corporate Architecture of NAB. Redesigning the regional office in Baden involved some exciting architectural challenges: primarily incorporating the characteristics of the 1970s structure into the new design concept. The addition of an auditory element is something quite new: customers are immersed in an inspiring world of sound, which embeds the various customer zones in specific atmospheres.

The customer lobby creates an air of openness and transparency. Exotic materials like mahogany and bronze have been replaced with Aargauer oak parquet flooring and locally crafted furniture to create an authentic and customer-friendly environment.

The charm of the seventies structure had to be retained and reflected in the redesign. The "RHommage" chair by Bureau Hindermann forms an important link between past and present design, especially here in Baden, where NAB has its roots. It pays homage to the "RH310" chair designed by Robert Haussmann for the former Gewerbebank Baden – now NAB.

The washed concrete and stair lighting are relics of the past that integrate seamlessly into the new concept. The greenery adds a homely element to the space and is also a nod to the past: plants wind their way from the customer lobby up toward the gallery. The concept therefore successfully combines classic elements with ultra-modern design and the latest technologies, presenting Switzerland's largest regional bank in a contemporary light and fully respecting its "local and digital" positioning.

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Neue Aargauer Bank AG, Regional branch, CH-Baden

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