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New workplaces at ZVV Contact Center, CH-Winterthur

The perfect marriage of aesthetics and ergonomic functionality: using new materials and clever tricks, Bureau Hindermann has optimised the information and ticket counter of the ZVV customer service and sales outlet at Winterthur bus station.


The red surfaces of the counter and rear wall have been replaced by a combination of white synthetic resin and oak. The new materials and colours create an atmosphere of calm in a busy environment and brighten up the space. The ergonomics of the workspaces have been optimised so that the new counter, which now sits on a higher podium with carpet, is much slimmer. This is designed to improve the posture of the staff, while the carpet dampens sound. The table tops are also height-adjustable to cater to all body heights. The unpleasant draught has been stopped by windstoppers on both sides of the counter. Two large suspended lamps provide soft, friendly lighting, while the upholstered shade also helps to dampen sound.

It's an investment in the health and wellbeing of the staff that has more than paid off; after all, a company's employees are its greatest asset.

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New workplaces at ZVV Contact Center, CH-Winterthur

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bus station house Winterthur
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New workstations on podium
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Height-adjustable desks with integrated cash register
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