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Products for the office space of Pikka GmbH, CH-Zurich

"pla_teau" table & "ri_deau" suspended lamp

"pla_teau" is a worktable that provides a large space for communication and creativity and at 540cm in length there is sufficient space for two simultaneous meetings.


There's a surprise in store for anyone who pulls out either of the two end drawers: the entire table appears to move, because when the drawer moves, so do the sides of the table.

The table is illuminated by the "ri_deau" suspended LED light with a shimmering high-tech textile curtain. Not only is it a genuine eye-catcher, it also lends a feeling of warmth and security to the high-ceilinged space.

23817P_Pikka_before 23817P_Pikka_after

"pla_teau" table & "ri_deau" suspended lamp

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The "plan_teau" table offers ample space for several people and a variety of activities
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A place of communication and contemplation
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Drawers and compartments provide plenty of storage space
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The curtain improves acoustics and divides the coffee area from the rest of the room
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Metal notice boards and the "graphic recording wall" as useful tools in an analogue world
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The coffee area leaves no-one out in the cold
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Brainstorming sessions and presentations in a creative environment
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