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Product design

Products for Keramag exhibition at Geberit information centre

"plom_berie" suspended lamp & "pöm_belle" plunger lamp

The "plom_berie" suspended lamp made of hand-blown glass is the jewel in the crown of the exhibition at the Geberit information centre in Jona and was developed especially for the exhibition.


Only at second glance does the connection to the company's product range become apparent: at the centre of the lamps is a traditional plunger, which in the context of Geberit's advanced sanitary technology is definitely a thing of the past.

The "pöm_belle" plunger lamp is both provocative and charming and was presented as a gift to the client for the opening of the new exhibition. Next to the toilet, positioned just above the ground, the lamp beams the words "sit&think" onto the floor.

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"plom_berie" suspended lamp & "pöm_belle" plunger lamp

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