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Prospective Media Services AG, CH-Zurich

The new offices of Prospective Media Services AG perfectly illustrate how productivity and well-being can go hand in hand. Bureau Hindermann's uncanny instinct for content and functionality has allowed them to create a sensuous, motivational and functional office environment.


From the outside there is not the slightest hint of what goes on inside the offices located in Hofackerstrasse 32, Zurich - the headquarters of Prospective Media Services AG. The successful multimedia agency specialises in the placement of job adverts in national and foreign media. It was one of the very first agencies in Switzerland to embrace the Internet, rewriting the rulebook in the process. Bureau Hindermann has picked up on their strategy and has taken an unconventional approach to the design. Both on a small scale - as with the counter bell in the reception area - and on large scale.
Open doorways with no visible doorframes and yellow-tinted glass bring a lot of light, air and transparency to the office space. The result is a stimulating and motivating working environment with which the approximately 30 employees can identify - without having to make any compromises. For example, the turquoise-coloured cafeteria - a successful mixture of lounge, bar and bistro - creates a sense of identity. A place to relax and refuel.

The walls in the corridor are painted in green blackboard paint. Spontaneous ideas, messages, information or comic strips: the walls, filled with personal messages scribbled by the staff, are both the company's signature and business card. They showcase the creativity and innovative spirit of Prospective Media Services AG.

Bureau Hindermann has taken a light-hearted and playful approach and created a truly authentic atmophere where the design successfully reflects the Corporate Identity of Prospective.

10508_Prospective_before 10508_Prospective_after

Prospective Media Services AG, CH-Zurich

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