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Röthlisberger Kollektion at Designers' Saturday '18, CH- Langenthal

On Designers' Saturday 2018 visitors were captivated by the moving #tRöime installation from Bureau Hindermann, with the classic "Venus" storage element from the Röthlisberger collection.


In the factory of Création Baumann, embedded between the huge textile printing machines of the fabrics enterprise, visitors entered a surreal dream world. Stood to attention along a dynamic boulevard, the classic "Venus" storage elements from the Röthlisberger collection formed a guard of honour and gave visitors a glimpse of their interiors. The mirrored interiors of the castered storage cabinets created a wondrous mirrored surface in which both the space and the visitors were reflected.

Stepping onto the red carpet, visitors were at first greeted by the familiar "Venus" cabinet with interior shelves and drawers. But with each passing step along the carpet, they were increasingly consumed by the surreal mirrored cabinet. Housing everything, like a celestial canopy, was a fabric ribbon, flowing directly from the thermal transfer printing machine of Création Baumann. Four of the mirrored "Venus" cabinets at the end of the boulevard swayed as if by magic to the rhythm of the Viennese waltz, lending the installation an acoustic authenticity.

The emotive #tRöime installation by Bureau Hindermann takes the concept of reflection to an entirely new and magical level, while also demonstrating the poetry behind the mechanical.

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Röthlisberger Kollektion at Designers' Saturday '18, CH- Langenthal

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