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Exhibition design

Concept/planning/implementation of "#spectacularwater" installation at Milano Design Week 2018

#spectacularwater for arwa at Milano Design Week 2018, I-Milan

Following the resounding success of the eye-catching soap chandelier at Swissbau 2018, arwa presented an adaptation of Bureau Hindermann's #spectacularwater installation at Milano Design Week 2018.


The focus of the adapted installation is on the synergy between arwa and its designers. Stories are depicted on a presentation wall of printed cardboard boxes that form the backdrop to the chandelier. These are intended to symbolically represent the transport of products to Milan.

Three arwa faucets and the Keramik-Laufen wash basins that go with them are presented on podiums in front of the wall. This shines the spotlight on the designers. Brief statements about the products are written across large mirrors, while the designers' portraits and names appear on shaving mirrors. The three-dimensional effect of these elements increases the intensity of the installation.

The petrol blue display cases illustrate the design and development process using a novel faucet: from prototype development and casting to explosively displayed components and installed faucets. This is designed to give visitors a better understanding of the processes and materials involved in the production of arwa faucets.

Bureau Hindermann's installation at Milano Design Week is not only sensuous and poetic, it also skilfully integrates communicative aspects. This is both aesthetically and informatively pleasing to the visitor.

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#spectacularwater for arwa at Milano Design Week 2018, I-Milan

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The soap chandelier is complemented by mixers and ceramics
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Stacked cardboard boxes form the backdrop and stage for exhibits
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Designers' portraits appear on shaving mirrors
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Display cases show the process behind manufacturing a faucet
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Portrait, statement, faucet and a novel ceramic by Peter Wirz
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Soap is the only lubricant: BUONE IDEE* PER MANI PULITE