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Concept/planning/implementation of "#spectacularwater" installation at Swissbau 2018

Xaver Award 2018 - best efficiency project -

#spectacularwater for arwa at Swissbau 2018, CH-Basel

Bureau Hindermann are renowned for their extraordinary feeling for poetry and their "#spectacularwater" installation at Swissbau 2018 is no exception, combining two long-established Swiss brands in one feast for the senses.


The Zürich-based interior designers created a magnificent chandelier for Swiss faucet manufacturer Arwa in the shape of a suspended whirlpool. The chandelier consists of 1,200 glycerine soaps from Swiss company Mettler and symbolises both the water that flows from faucets and shower heads and also water as it whirls down the plughole when a basin or bath is emptied. Plus its scent adds an olfactory dimension to the space.

Follow the shimmering vortex from top to bottom and the Arwa faucets come into view, which – reminiscent of jewellery displayed on silk cushions – are presented on podiums of soft bath towels.

The installation is the result of close collaboration with partner 3dimensional and is representative of the philosophy of Bureau Hindermann. "#spectacularwater" was displayed as a teaser in the "Raumwelten" section of Swissbau 2018.

"A spectacular installation whose spatial, visual and olfactory impact and poetry are equally arresting. For exhibition spaces a theme that stimulates the senses makes a welcome change and is a real attraction," said the jury in their statement on the project by Bureau Hindermann. The panel of experts includes Rudolf Pfander, Swissbau Exhibition Director, and Michel Hueter, Curator Design Preis Schweiz.


#spectacularwater for arwa at Swissbau 2018, CH-Basel

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Both the scent and the illumination of the 1,200 glycerine soaps are effective from a distance
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The soap vortex and faucets
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Self-promotion display with projects and postcards from Bureau Hindermann to take away
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Showing how solid an arwa faucet actually is. Casting on soft bath towels
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