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Creative guidelines for exhibitors, Art Direction and planning/implementation of the new staircase

stilhaus Art Direction, CH-Rothrist

When 130 companies set themselves up in the same building, things can easily go awry without the right kind of coordination. At the Stilhaus, the visual guidelines of Gessaga Hindermann are there to prevent any chaos. Their clear visual objectives create a pleasant space and make orientation easier.


To ensure uniformity across all the individual stands, Stilhaus AG hired Gessaga Hindermann as consultants. They developed creative guidelines for exhibitors and, in collaboration with communications agency Pikka (wayfinding), made it easy for people to find their way around the building. As Art Director, Christof Hindermann was personally responsible during the concept presentation for making sure that the exhibitors adhered to the guidelines and that no separate partitions were created. Because the Stilhaus places a premium on transparency.

The guidelines cover both creative and practical elements. For instance, a uniform floor level throughout to prevent visitors from having to constantly look out for ledges. This also removes any psychological barrier between the aisles and stands. The thoroughfares have been deliberately left unlit so that the visitors' gaze is fixed firmly on the individual stands.

The first point of contact for the visitors to any stand is a hip-high cube. It steers visitors towards exhibited objects and there is a pad for notes, so that no discovery need be forgotten. Illumination is provided by a shade lamp, which has been specially designed for the Stilhaus.

In addition to their consulting responsibilities, Gessaga Hindermann also had to rethink the central stairway. They created a prominent staircase of steel with a signal red stair well and a transparent metal curtain, which again underlines the openness and size of this unusual building.

16712_Stilhaus_AD_before 16712_Stilhaus_AD_after

stilhaus Art Direction, CH-Rothrist

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