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Exhibition design

Suter Inox AG at architect@work Switzerland

Suter Inox AG at architect@work Switzerland '21, CH-Zurich

Suter Inox AG attended the architect@work trade show in Zürich in October to showcase their expertise in stainless steel surfaces for kitchens, sinks and drainage and overflow systems. Bureau Hindermann came up with a concept for the small exhibition space that centred around three mirrored surfaces. The concept transforms a horizontal surface into a three-dimensional space that prominently displays the products and the product logo of Suter Inox.


Two basins with mixer taps, one logo and three mirrors: these are the main elements of the trade fair blueprint that Bureau Hindermann designed and implemented for family-owned company Suter Inox. The stand comprises a cube with four bays, each of which is presented by an exhibitor. On a triangular surface of just under 3m2, Suter Inox presents its exclusive "BlackRange" black surface with water- and dirt-repellent properties made of solid 8mm steel, as well as two basins from the "Daneo" range. The kitchen surface also features the precisely embossed product logo – but inverted.

Three slanted mirrors mounted on the sides and on the back wall of the bay turn the stand into a three-dimensional space, magically projecting the now readable product logo and the products from the exhibition space "onto the wall". As a result, the exhibited products are visible at a glance and from a distance, even when there are visitors right in front of the stand. The side-mounted artificial mirrors are also slightly transparent and provide a view of two screens that explain how the basins' run-off and overflow systems work. And a small "push to open" drawer contains further "BlackRange" surface designs.

It's a simple concept where the small bay opens up a whole new world to visitors.

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Suter Inox AG at architect@work Switzerland '21, CH-Zurich

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