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Interior architecture

Concept/implementation of the showroom in Zurich

Suter Inox AG, Showroom CH-Zurich

Suter Inox AG now has a branch with a showroom in Zürich. It's a showroom for the company's own custom-made stainless steel covers, sinks and basins, as well as exclusive BORA hob extractors and high-end household appliances. The brief was to showcase the products in their own right, rather than depicting a kitchen setting. Bureau Hindermann creates striking accents with a generous room layout and an unusual use of materials. All the furniture and interior elements are made of lacquered chipboard – a material that is generally only used unlacquered as a construction material in kitchen design.


Visitors to the showroom are greeted by a wooden bar counter and Food Centers. A mirror in the corner of the reception room provides a view of the expansive exhibition space, where the presentation tables are positioned in a staggered configuration. They are reflected in a mirror at the end of the room and make the room appear almost endless. The floating light surface above the objects emphasises the length of the room and results in perfect ambient lighting of the stainless steel surfaces.

The opposite half of the room houses the consulting team's workstations, a meeting room and a spacious meeting area. With a lower ceiling, the designers create a personal atmosphere with pleasant acoustics. One highlight is the active kitchen. This virtually floating kitchen unit can be rotated through 90 degrees thanks to ingeniously incorporated technology. In no time at all, it is possible to create a space that, in combination with the inner courtyard, is ideal for cooking events with groups of customers.

Bureau Hindermann has created a spacious showroom that, rather than being a typical kitchen exhibition, showcases Suter Inox's product range and expertise in a striking and sophisticated way.

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Suter Inox AG, Showroom CH-Zurich

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