Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of a Call Centre

Swiss Call AG 2000, CH-Zurich

Zurich-based Swiss Call Kommunikationsfabrik AG carries out all telephone and internet-based communication activities on behalf of its customers. Its main purpose is to bring together people separated by considerable distance and, frequently, by different time zones.


In their first large-scale interior design project, Bureau Hindermann was immediately confronted with the two cornerstones of their corporate philosophy: the individual and the Zeitgeist. The use of materials such as felt, neon and back-lit plastic sheeting emphasises the modern image of the client and working environment based on the principle of contrasting means. The conversion, which encompassed the reception area, back office and the Call Centre itself, focused on improving the working environment of the Call Centre agents. Separate booths have been replaced by large tables around which entire teams can work.

Non-specific work desks in the shape of surf boards create a non-hierarchical layout. An uplifting lighting from orange “bedside” lamps has allowed an emotional, almost cosy atmosphere to be created elegantly.

01702_SwissCall_before 01702_SwissCall_after

Swiss Call AG 2000, CH-Zurich

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