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Product design

Corridor furniture for the Gymnasium Leonhard CH-Basel grammar school

Table "é_change" & lounge element "par_tage"

A furniture concept was created for the historic corridors of the grammar school.


The "par_tage" lounge element features comfortable seating on one side of the perforated divider, while on the other side there is a standing element to lean on and chat. Depending on where the elements are placed, it is possible to create different room layouts.

The "é_change" seat and workstation also has a number of flexible applications. Thanks to the ergonomically designed table edge the table is pleasant to work at, and if you swivel round it is also comfortable to lean against. With a parasol and slats, it can also be used outside.

27318_Gym Leonhard_before 27318_Gym Leonhard_after

Table "é_change" & lounge element "par_tage"

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