Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of a clothes store

Tarzan GmbH 2009, CH-Zurich

Basel-based fashion label Tarzan makes clothing from organic cotton produced under fair trade conditions. A spacious store on Konradstrasse in the city's 5th district, once a printers and most recently a bike shop, now houses the Zurich flagship store. The idea was to showcase merchandise and design in equal measure using clearly defined areas. The architectural challenge: low-budget conditions and unattractive lintels.


Dark equals oppressive? Not at all. To create a feeling of visual continuity and detract from the lintels, Bureau Hindermann had the ceiling painted dark grey, creating the impression of higher ceilings. The attention to detail is reflected in the way the colour is applied, starting at the top with dark grey and gradually becoming lighter until it is white at the bottom. And in the subtle play of light in the changing room, which is positioned in the room as a T-shaped cubicle: curtains hung in a perfect circle reflect orange light onto the wall, which originates from an adhesive film applied to the rear. The changing cubicles are flanked by large sections of mirrored wall. The remaining furnishings comprise simple white displays, chrome steel tubes which serve as clothes rails and ceiling spotlights which perfectly illuminate the merchandise.
And to make sure Tarzan keeps in shape, the interior designers have created vines using coat hangers: T-shirts and sweatshirts hang like voluminous torsos from inflatable coat hangers suspended on cables from the ceiling. Pink-coloured Plexiglas inserts transform the hanging mechanism into LED lighting which at night appears to anyone looking in from outside to form a light sculpture. Another break with the traditional room concept is the wall behind the counter, which has been sprayed by street artist "Lain" and is designed in the form of a colourful collage. The cash desk, an old piece of furniture originally from a drug store and purchased from a thrift shop, works in harmony with the fake oriental runner to create a cosy atmosphere, the customer receiving a warm reception on the red carpet.

12609_Tarzan_before 12609_Tarzan_after

Tarzan GmbH 2009, CH-Zurich

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