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Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of the Tarzan flagship store

Tarzan GmbH – Flagship store Viadukt, CH- Zurich

For Tarzan's new flagship store, Bureau Hindermann has brought the creative lifestyle of the target group from the street and into the store: Zurich street artists liven up the store with their own works of art on a regular basis.


Street art stands for free art in public spaces. Creative, inspiring and unrestrained. It is a lifestyle also personified by Basel fashion label Tarzan. For the design of the new flagship store under the arches of Zurich's viaduct, Bureau Hindermann has teamed up with Pikka Kommunikationsdesign to develop a concept which turns the store into a stage for street art: each month, selected artists express their creativity on a wall of the store. They also design printed fabrics, which are produced in limited runs by Tarzan. They are presented on the "Line of Fame", a clothes line strung across both storeys of the store. It creates an exciting shopping experience and unites the street, art and fashion.

The interior designers have deliberately kept the rest of the store simple, leaving as much of the original stone walls exposed as possible. On closer inspection, the furniture also plays on the clothing theme. At the centre is a newly designed coat stand made of chrome steel, which in conjunction with various additional elements is used to present clothing and accessories. It is complemented by height-adjustable shelf space modelled on a traditional clothes horse. And instead of a counter, which would usually mark the point of sale, there are three modified laundry carts made of silver aluminium, just like the ones used in hotels or in industry. They are used as the cash desk, as storage space or for presenting small accessories.
At night, interior neon lighting of alternating colours illuminates the store, ensuring that Tarzan remains stylishly presented even outside of its opening hours.

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Tarzan GmbH – Flagship store Viadukt, CH- Zurich

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