Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of interior architecture and furnishing

Terrace house at Lake Zurich, CH-Bäch

In 2006, Bureau Hindermann was commissioned to come up with a design for the interior of an apartment belonging to a new residential estate of terrace apartments in a superb location on upper Lake Zurich. The primary aim was to increase the value of the apartment by creating an interior design that would do justice to the property's exclusive location. This involved optimizing and defining the spaces, creating an impression of spaciousness and using high-grade materials and sophisticated detailing to refine and enhance the rooms.


The most dramatic change was to the layout of the rooms on the first floor, so that the main living spaces are situated to the front, offering a view of the lake. The main bedroom is now an attractive continuum of bedroom, dressing room and bathroom. On the entrance floor, the entrance area and corridor have been harmonized and visually enlarged by the use of a mirrored wall. The apartment is made to look spacious through the precise positioning of openings and closed spaces. The lighting helps to create a homely atmosphere by shifting the background lighting from the windows to the interior. The kitchen is lent a stylish flair by the bar compartment and lamp, whose shade comprises individual recipe sheets.

08906_Terrassenhaus_before 08906_Terrassenhaus_after

Terrace house at Lake Zurich, CH-Bäch

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