Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of a showroom

Thomas Merlo & Partner AG, CH-Dietikon

Bureau Hindermann's design of the new Thomas Merlo & Partner AG showroom is an approximation of the company's products. From shadow to light through to the collection itself.


On the staircase, the bright green painted shadow cast by the paper collector - one of Thomas Merlo's bestsellers - alludes to the showroom on the first floor. Light and shadow are also the central themes in the waiting area. Mysterious circular textile flower beds also become effective wall lights at the flick of a light switch. The schematic outline of a household utensil decorates each individual light: a surprising cross between neon sign and a display of classic objects.

The open-plan showroom is distinguished from the adjacent store room through colour, use of materials and light. Here, it's all about the optimum presentation of the individual products: no frills, just function. The industrial atmosphere of the venue and room is given a touch of homeliness through the frugal but consequently more terse interior design elements. The choice and combination of creative means emphasise the staging of the rooms.

07206_Merlo-t_before 07206_Merlo-t_after

Thomas Merlo & Partner AG, CH-Dietikon

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