Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of the office space

Tom Talent Holding AG, CH-Zurich

The idea behind converting the interior of Tom Talent Holding AG, Zurich, was to create a layout for rentable working space together with an infrastructure as well as rooms for the holding company's administration that would encourage both flexible use of the space and a logical and seamless work organisation. From a design point of view, it is particularly impressive how the industrial nature of the architecture of the former factory has been retained, how the café bar has been turned into a communication hub and how the building's industrial past is reflected.


The rentable open plan office may be functional and businesslike, but the material covering the fluorescent lamps allows a warm light to be distributed throughout the space, adding a touch of homeliness. The eye-catcher is the completely light-blue café bar with its prominent ceiling lamp, made of classic desk lamps.

Bureau Hindermann managed to create an unpretentious office atmosphere at the headquarters of Tom Talent Holding AG where the emphasis is on function rather than representation. Nevertheless, the typical Bureau Hindermann references and allusions that lend humour and familiarity to functional space have not been omitted.

09307_TomTalent_before 09307_TomTalent_after

Tom Talent Holding AG, CH-Zurich

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