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Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of the entrance area and the demonstration auditorium of the Vetsuisse Faculty of the University of Zurich

Vetsuisse Faculty of the University of Zurich, CH-Zurich

To keep prospective vets keen to learn, Bureau Hindermann redesigned the demonstration audi-torium of the Vetsuisse Faculty at the University of Zurich, ditching the slaughterhouse atmosphere in favour of a much more habitable environment.


The demonstration auditorium of the Vetsuisse Faculty places the spotlight on animals rather than people. Farm animals such as horses and cows are studied close up. In a space dedicated to animals, lecturers, students and animal owners, Bureau Hindermann enhanced both the layout and function of the auditorium.
In the lecture hall, the classic white tiles were replaced by a sleek red colour, the gloomy interior furnishings are gone and the building equipment was upgraded to suit current needs. The close relationship between man and animals in this space at the University of Zurich is underlined by a recycled feed trailer. It now serves as a mobile lectern and multimedia console.

The interior designers also designed a welcoming entrance area. It is a spacious area which does an excellent job of combining light with colour and which features a clear system of signs. Reminiscent of a stable, the reception features a wooden stable door and the writing above it comprises plaques like the ones awarded to horses and cows.
Anyone approaching the building from outside is also met with an animal effect: a light box with black silhouettes of horses, cows and other farm animals hangs above the entrance. Thanks to the clever use of a moiré pattern, the animals appear to move.

Bureau Hindermann's redesigned demonstration auditorium and entrance area of the animal hospital show that the high demand for safety and cleanliness in a medical and scientific environment can be combined with a stylish design.

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Vetsuisse Faculty of the University of Zurich, CH-Zurich

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