Interior architecture

Concept/planning/implementation of the pharmacy

Wellness-Apotheke GmbH, CH-Horw

Besides the traditional range of pharmaceutical goods, Wellness-Apotheke GmbH in Horw also carries health food as well as drugstore and perfumery products. The pharmacy offers customers advice on pharmaceuticals as well as complementary medicine and offers a range of 40 products at discount prices.


At the beginning of 2009, Bureau Hindermann were commissioned to produce a design concept for the pharmacy, which at the time was still in the preliminary stages of construction. The brief was to come up with a design which would showcase the pharmacy's wide range of traditional pharmaceuticals, budget products and health food products both visually and atmospherically. As well as a kids' zone in the sales area, the concept also had to include a consultation room, a laboratory, staff kitchen and workstations for administrators
in the back office.

Bureau Hindermann used the spacious open, orthogonal area with display windows in the shop area and the diagonally offset area to the rear to accommodate the drugstore and health food areas parallel to the glass facade. Fluorescent tubes and clean shelving were used to create a supermarket atmosphere which integrates with and yet clearly stands out from the pharmacy section which runs parallel to the rear wall. The large glass facade provides a clear view of the interior. The area which houses the main checkouts and top 40 shelf as well as the lab bottle lights used to indicate the different product lines are real eye-catchers. Bureau Hindermann has made use of the typical image of traditional pharmacy furniture with pharmaceutical bottles. In their place there is an amber-coloured glass panel with cut-outs in the shape of traditional pharmaceutical receptacles which are used to display the packaging from the current top 40 products. Once again Bureau Hindermann has managed to put an innovative and delightful spin on elements, in this case from the pharmaceutical field.

11808_Wellness_Apoth_before 11808_Wellness_Apoth_after

Wellness-Apotheke GmbH, CH-Horw

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